Maybe just try starting small then, like just the three of them watching a movie or eating together. I mean, there’s no wrong way for people to do stuff like that together, right?

I suppose you’re right. I guess my fear of offending others is just getting the better of me.

What’s making it so hard to get done?

Well for one thing I don’t really have any experience with polyamorus relationships and I honestly don’t want to make an ass of myself by miss-representing them.

I just want to draw healthy polyamorus Johndavekat, why is that so hard?

Forgive me for the Persona spam. Its a big day for the fandom.




persona 4 fandom grab your unnecessary sequels

persona 3 fandom grab your doors

persona 2 fandom grab the three people who care about the game

Persona 1 fandom—


Persona 1 fandom?


Sure Persona 5 is exciting and all, but I’m more interested in the anime, remake, anime based on the remake, fighting game, sequel to the fighting game, dancing game, crossover game, slot machine, and movie that will follow.


this is the first thing i thought when i saw the new protag


this is the first thing i thought when i saw the new protag


The trailer didn’t show legs or feet so I can only assume


My little bug meeting the voice behind her cosplay ~